Clarion Mask

The special anatomical design of ClarionMask allows you to speak and breathe easily and has been specifically designed to adapt to the shapes of any user’s face, even the smallest.

The generic fabric masks offers, in most cases, a good level of comfort, but can be ineffective for air transpiration.

ClarionMask, on the other hand, thanks to the special 5-layer system combined with the exclusive Livinguard® formulation, guarantees in addition to comfort, high breathability, a fundamental feature especially for those who have to use it for a long time.

Clarion Gloves

ClarionGloves are also designed to be anatomical, adhering perfectly to the different shapes of hands, like a second skin, allowing you to carry out normal activities without obstacles, including the use of the touchscreen of smartphones and tablets.

Here are the methods of use and storage of our products.

Methods of use and storage of products

Once you have received the products, make sure that the package is intact and sealed and that all the contents inside show no damages.

Before proceeding with using it/them, remember to read and follow all the instructions provided.

For future usages, make sure that the product has previously been used according to the instructions provided and stored in a healthy environment, away from sources of heat.

To avoid compromising the filtering effectiveness of the products, do not tamper with, replace or damage any part of it.


Daily use
8 hours
every 7 days, unless otherwise specified
Maximum washes
30 washes
Washing mode
by hand in cold running water (max 30 °) without any type of soap/detergent and without squeezing it. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Do not use the dryer and do not iron it.
1 year
Instructions for correct use

Clarion Mask


After removing the product from the package, lay the mask on the one hand and bring it adherent to the face. Thread the rubber bands behind each ear and adjust them properly as needed.

Adjust the nose clip to fit the upper part of the nose so that no air might escape, and place the lower elastic edge to cover the entire chin.

Wash your hands after any contact with external surfaces to avoid contamination.

Remember that the product is for personal use only and that, even after washing, it cannot be used or given to other people other than the first user.

Clarion Gloves


After removing the product from the packaging, remember to always wash your hands before putting on the Clarion Gloves.

Put on your gloves and check that they are the right size to ensure the best fit.

Fit the gloves up to your hands so that they fully cover your wrists.

Remember that the products are for personal use only and that, even after washing them, they cannot be used or given to any other people than the first user.

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